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Saturday, December 17, 2011


Seriously..... why is it, apparently a LOT of people care about any of the Kardashians, Lohans, Hiltons, or anyone that appears on TV , sports, or in music or the movies???

The fact that some people are famous just for being famous astounds me. I used to think Elvis was cool but I wasn't dying my hair black and wearing jumpsuits. What is sooooooooooo lacking in our lives we give more than a passing glance at these folks?

Is it that we long to BE them? Do you REALLY want reporters and photographers following your every move? You REALLY want a picture on the cover of a magazine at the checkout counter showing you without makeup proclaiming you are abusing drugs or drinking too much? Do you want people who can't find any exciting truth to print so they write their own version of reality FOR you? Do you want your entire family and everyone you knew well in the past to have a chance to write about you, and if they do, it will have to be BAD because good doesn't sell! Do you REALLY want someone going through your trash every day trying to find out your deep dark secret that you LOVE to eat Moosetracks Ice Cream and buy porn? Do you REALLY want a house that has to have gates to keep annoying people out? Do you REALLY want to be on a diet because when you gain a few pounds, the photos of you will be EVERYWHERE and NOT looking good? Do you REALLY want to wonder if anyone you meet cares about YOU or just being seen with someone “famous”?

Do you REALLY want fans who dress like you, talk like you, memorize your life, quote you from years ago to yesterday? Fans that constantly tell you how great you are when they don't really know you at all. Fans that will not leave you alone, even when you are tired of the attention. Fans that you have to worry about your safety? Fans that want something from you and if you don't provide it, they may get angry or tell a reporter how awful you are. Fans that expect you to be in a good mood EVERY day, even the bad ones when you have the flu, when you are lactose-intolerant, when you have a death in the family, or you just got up on the wrong side of the bed.

I imagine if we were around the vast majority of famous people, we wouldn't even LIKE them. Consider...  to be well-known, you must seemingly give up a lot of normalcy. You have to crave being in the public eye and you can't slip up for a moment (unless you are one of the trash-beauties that TRY to have a camera around when they do). The time they must invest to do their job RIGHT keeps them away from most of the people they care about. The diets they must endure to have that “look” that their public demands. The fact that they no longer can do what they want, when they want, with whom they want for fear of it affecting their image or fear of the public at large. Doesn't sound too good to me and I wonder how many people could keep their sanity or even their character. Yea I know everyone says “I wouldn't change a bit!”.

Uuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmm............. I beg to differ.

I'll bet very few of these well-known people set out to be as crazy as they ended up. Having people tell you all day, every day, without end, that you are great and you rule the world WILL affect your demeanor. You either buy in or realize how many people out there are pieces of crap and you become jaded. Or take drugs to escape. Or drink to alter reality. Or one of a hundred other things that we wouldn't do if you worked at the Post Office.

I'm not saying that these folks don't learn to be good people in small doses, but there wouldn't be weekend trips to the races or getaways to the spa every weekend either. They are busy and I'm sure they value their alone-time too. I know when I was doing the Insurance thing years ago and I was talking to 100 people a day. I got tired of humanity. When I had “my time” I wanted to just relax and NOT have to keep conversations going. Peace and quiet. Nice! What the celebrities have to deal with is exponentially more.

I used to want to be Mr Tyra Banks because I like beautiful, strong, and spirited black women. The more I thought about it I realized that she wouldn't have time for me AND her career. She knows it too, that's why she hasn't called!!

I am not buying any tell-all magazines, I am not watching TMZ every night (but I'll admit to enjoying the humor or their presenting the news!). I am not caring what type of underwear anyone is trying to endorse. I'm not attracted to crazy or too-busy or self-absorbed or compassion-less ladies no matter how pretty they are.

And speaking of pretty, why does someone suddenly appear to look better once they get a bit of notoriety???? In my eyes, they don't. I could go down to the heart of any town or sity and find dozens of ladies prettier than anyone in the “Top 50 Sexiest In the Galaxy” editions. Famous doesn't mean better. The guys who are dating that supermodel would have a dancing card a bit different if they were bagging groceries at the local Whole Foods.

Yes it would be cool if people followed what you had to say and you could affect something GOOD from it (charities and fund-raising come to mind). It would be cool to be awarded the “Best” at your field, be it acting, singing, or playing the harmonica and have people see it. Yes it would be cool to not have a problem dating. Yes it would be cool to NOT have money issues. Yes it would be cool to travel around and have people act nice to you all the time. Sure there are many cool things, but as in EVERYTHING, there is a dark side....

The price is way too high. I'll take my life instead of Elvis' any day.

Look what happened to HIM. Registered & Protected

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