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Thursday, October 18, 2012


I was chatting with my friend Donna the other day, and it made me sad that she wasn't as happy as she could be. Now I know we all have good and not so good days all the time, but it got me to thinking of just how many ways I get to feeling a bit down....

I get sad when -

...people feel their appearance holds them back ...the family pet is not being given love back ...I see politics not change in my lifetime ...I see the Yankees get ANY hits ...the bathroom tissue runs out while at a friend’s home, and in the process of finding where they hide the supply of new rolls, you discover a fetish that will forever change your image of them ...I see people who are so unhappy they can't hide it no matter how hard they try …I see my pay stub and realize I now earn what I did 30 years ago ...I can't seem to help a friend in need ...I realize my bucket list has sprung a leak …people aren't comfortable knowing they are not immortal ...I realize that, in my case, the saying, “I'm not getting older, I'm getting better” would be an outright lie ...young souls are in old bodies ...the Steelers win …people never find what they are great at ...the lottery keeps picking the WRONG numbers! ...greed overwhelms ethics ...a great song ends ...going to bed alone ...a mind is closed ...the world is imagined without chocolate ...summer is over ...the Oakland Raiders don't play their best, which unfortunately seems to be every week ...people hate their jobs I look in a speedo (no I will NOT post a picture!) ...memories are faded ...people feel useless ...I need glasses to read almost ANYTHING ...the ache in my knees keeps me from taking a walk ...I think of how humanity treats the animals in the wild ...I finish the last bite of a really good stromboli ...I see even the AMISH have problems have no respect for anyone or anything ...I read about how the government operates ...I hear about the awful affects that some of my favorite athletes have to endure today because they played a rough sport ...I think of how humanity has progressed, yet we still act stupid when it comes to racism. ...I imagine all the weddings that are going on and over half of them will not last ...I try to imagine how Felix Baumgartner will outdo THAT! ...when religion rules a person so much that they refuse to live a little ...I see the young men of today and how much they need a belt ...people don't even try to succeed seems we will always be at war ...I wonder what kind of life Elvis would have had if he had taken better care of himself ...I realize that Tyra is NOT going to call ...the dreams of children get trampled by uninspired adults ...I think of how many stories and memories are lost every day because someone passed away without writing them down ...I remember how much I forgot ...I don't care how sad I am ...Mom tells me I used to speak German, and now all I know is “Mercedes”, which of course, is Spanish ...I see how many people accept mediocrity ...I think of how much better the world would be without the stock market take a long bicycle ride until you are tired.... then you realize you have to ride BACK! interrupt a great dream ...people say they will do something, yet they don't

I don't know if all these things mean I am normal or in need some medication, but I am just happy to have the passion to notice. Registered & Protectedthe copyright law

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