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Monday, April 22, 2013


OK, I know I have some 'splainin to do....

The dilemma that we talked about before continued without resolution. No matter how much I thought about it, I was stuck in neutral and going nowhere. I HAD to make up my mind! This past Saturday was the day.

Let's look at my choices.

Keep Bessie, fix her up. Keep driving cheap (hopefully).

Trade her away for a new 2013 Lincoln MKZ. Pretty and smooth, economical, and plush.. A great everyday car. 


2012 BOSS Mustang.


I know what you are thinking. WTF....... right?

Let me explain.....

My original plan going back as far as I can remember (about a year) was to keep Bessie and save save save towards a BOSS. This is the coolest Mustang by far and I could be patient enough to wait until I had enough of a down-payment to easily afford this car. It was, after all, a toy to be brought out only on nice days and some weekends. I would still need a daily driver AND garage to keep it in.

This was getting complicated.....

I started thinking (uh-oh) and, although Bessie was running fine, she was on borrowed time. Honda’s are known for weak transmissions and I had hers checked. It passed with flying colors but I still worried it would just stop working one day. It happens! I don't know if you ever replaced a transmission before but it is THOUSANDS of dollars to complete the job. UGH!

I already knew that Bessie needed new struts ($1100) and tires ($800) plus whatever else came up before the $1500 preventative maintenance in 40,000 more miles.

Bessie was starting to look like a Diva abusing my credit!

Anyways, back to Saturday and making a decision.....

The plan was to get one but I had never actually DRIVEN a BOSS Mustang before. It just so happened that there was a beautiful, low-mileage RED BOSS in Hanover, so off I went to see just what that car would drive like.

Before heading south, I stopped in to the local Lincoln dealer. I noticed that they had more MKZ's in than before and actually had one that was almost exactly like I had built online! It was gorgeous of course and, although my salesperson wasn't in, I could stop back and put a deposit on it. Easy....

Now, on to scratch the BOSS off the list of possibilities,

“Huh”, you say?

I told you that the BOSS was not an everyday car. It IS a very cool Hot Rod that would look great in my garage [note to self: get a garage!]. I would trade Bessie in and get a daily driver cheap (hopefully) in a few weeks. And a garage.

When I arrived, of course I fell head-over-heels in love with that red vixen. She was beautiful, and I was smitten..... and then I started the motor.... sigh.......
ohhhh myyyy......

The affection ran deeper once I put her in gear and DROVE.

OMG....... exceeding...... all....... expectations........

Here was the reason for my original plan, yet I could maybe have it much sooner.

AND cementing in my mind that this truly is the best Mustang ever from Ford. But expensive, almost as much as the Lincoln but this was NOT solving my problem of what do I drive for work....

This is usually where I let “stupid Tom” take over and make all the important decisions. Not today. As much as I loved LOVed LOVED the BOSS, I had to say no. (Actually, full disclosure, I told them I would let them know Monday).

That's ALMOST “no” right???

I was proud that I could walk away from a fantasy girl with my wallet intact and look forward to taking McKenzie home with me. To have and to hold, and change the oil regularly. I could yet own a BOSS Mustang, it will just take a little longer and will cost much less.

Makes perfect sense.

Before I go pick up McKenzie, I have one more stop to make, just to be sure I am doing the right thing.

This is where things get a bit cloudy, a little confusing, and a lot surprising.

I bought a BMW.

I know.

WTF.... right?

I'm as surprised as YOU!

Like I told my cuz Steph (trying to distract her from the worst day in her young life), I'm NOT a Beemer guy! I drink BEER...... I have exactly ZERO designer anythings in my closet.

What have I done????

I have disliked almost every BMW owner I ever met! Ugh.......

What was I doing????

Being practical, that's what.

The BMW I brought home is a diesel. Most of my work will involve driving a LOT of miles so this is logical. And economical.

Is “Stupid Tom” dead???

The Diesel is a better car in every way except looks. (I might have mentioned it before but McKenzie is sooooo pretty!) It will last much longer, be worth far more, and I will own it way sooner than I would the Lincoln.

Looks like McKenzie and I will have to just be friends.

Being a car-guy, I know I should experience “the Ultimate Driving Machine” at least ONCE in my life, and this is it. The reputation for quality and driving fun is legendary.

I hope I don't hate it.....

and I hope I can find a name more appropriate than “diesel”. Registered & Protected

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