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Sunday, April 14, 2013


I have a dilemma. Do I keep ole Bessie around? She's been very dependable, but she has a lot of miles on her and she brings back bad memories every time I see her, or do I pursue the sexy new model that has my eye? She takes my breath away when I see her, has all the tricks you expect and a few you don't, but comes with financial expectations. Bessie is paid for and doesn't even expect any new accessories.

What to do...????

Of course I am talking about my car. She has over 154,000 miles but keeps running well. I have taken good car of her and she rewards me with no unexpected surprises. She needs a few thousand dollars of work and it was pretty much a no-brainer to pay for the maintenance and keep driving debt-free.

For some of you, there is no thinking about it. Get the new car! You will always have a car note, so accept it and move on. You can continue to to have carefree motoring for the foreseeable future and enjoy every moment behind the wheel as well as gazing upon her every possible chance. She is a beauty!

For others, NOT having a car payment is the only option. You have the extra money to take nice vacations, buy the latest fashions, or rent the perfect person for that ultimate fantasy.

I have to admit the joy of being out of debt is indescribable, but I'll try anyway! Knowing that I can keep paying the rent phone, TV, and have some left over for heat and an occasional meal no matter what kind of work I am doing is one of the keys to happiness. The lack of stress concerning bills or money in general is something everyone should experience. No pressure, no worries, no medication required....

And then I saw her....

A 2013 Lincoln MKZ.... Oh my...

I saw the pictures and thought it was nice. It wasn't until I saw one in person I fell in lust.... such a pretty car! I haven't said that about an automobile since Acura redesigned the TL in 2004. THAT was a great design! If cars CAN be sexy, this new Lincoln definitely IS..... sigh.....

It's not like I haven't driven new cars lately. I try and keep up with the latest information and updates in the industry. Cars have always been my favorite subject. Since I was playing with Matchbox cars, I dreamed of owning cool cars and driving in exotic locations. That hasn't happened YET, but I have owned a few dream machines..... 98 Mustang Cobra convertible, 93 Probe GT, 69 Mustang Mach 1, 66 Mustang, and of course the best was my 61 Econoline!


As I look across the automotive landscape, I see some nice cars and some less than nice. …

Aston Martins are a particular favorite. The sleek lines and V12 engine make for a dream on wheels. Unfortunately, the $200,000 plus pricetag makes it absolutely necessary to have a 600 month payment plan! Since banks, credit unions, and loan sharks are a bit hesitant to give terms like that, I may need an alternative until I discover buried treasure in the backyard [note to self: get a backyard]

Audi's are nice but, like a call-girl, a bit overpriced, with some uneventful conversation, and memories that fade quickly. I'll pass on this version of German engineering.

BMW is the self-proclaimed “Ultimate Driving Machine”, but the owner of these cars are usually dullards that drive them for the status (except for my cousin Stephanie, who is cool in ANYTHING she drives... except Chevys).

I will not own another GM product ever ever ever. I had ONE – a Pontiac Astre that I got for a few hundred bucks. That relationship lasted months. My dislike is FOREVER! No Buicks, no GMC trucks, no Cadillacs, no used Saturns, and no stinkin chevys for me... I have been a lifetime (mostly) Ford guy. Yes, I currently own a HONDA but there is a story about that I will not rehash here. If you like Fords, you must hate GM. It's the law.

Chrysler and Dodge are OK, yet they are always seeming to be a second choice to me. Mustang over Challenger... F150 over Ram.... and so on. You get the idea.

Ferrari is the equivalent of a pretty, curvy, Italian damsel in distress. You will do almost anything to be in the same room with her, including helping beyond reason. You may get a smile or a kiss on the cheek. You may be able to oogle a bit but in the end, you know you are going home alone... again. Us mere mortals won't own a Ferrari until the lottery quits messing around and picks the RIGHT numbers!

Honda's might still be a decent car, but have been beaten with an ugly stick for a decade. This was like going from Sandra Bullock (nice, normal, approachable) to Jocelyn Wildenstein (horrid, cartoonish, makes you want to run).

Hyundai's and Kia's are better-than-average to look at and OK to drive, but when I compared with what I had, it wasn't enough to make a change. Kind of like the new person at work that is easy on the eyes. You may daydream about them, but you know that what you have at home is better.

Infinity cars are just not for me. They may be a little more attractive than other cars at a distance, but once you get upclose and personal, you wonder what the heck you were thinking. I am reminded of John Mayer. I would never ever ever get together with Infinity....

Lexus and Toyota are related and have the same issue – they are both like refrigerators. They function and are invisible until you need a drink. Lexus is the stainless steel version and Toyota is the white box that keeps things cold. It may run faithfully without problems but you don't give it a name or care enough to buy it accessories.

Mazda's are claiming to have “zoom-zoom” but are “ugly ugly” to me. Ick!

Mercedes are solid, dependable, and a car line I have no desire to own, even if I could afford to. I wouldn't even date a girl NAMED Mercedes. Enough said.

Nissan has a couple cars that may be interesting, but I have not been drawn to them for a test drive or even a test thought. Even the 370Z is not on my “must drive” list. They seem to me like the person you go out with on a date that is perfectly nice to look at, perfectly nice to be with, they may have a perfectly nice personality, yet you will be perfectly happy to never see them again. Sorry Nissan. No sparks.

Porsche...... aaaahhhhhh.... Porsche. Desirable, functional, and for most of us, unattainable. We know how much we love to see them, touch them, enter one, but like a porn star and a perfect night spent together, you quickly realize that you will never own a new one. It's a nice dream, with or without lotion....

Subaru..... do I even have to say anything???

Volvo..... seriously, I'm not an accountant or someone devoid of any personality or 60, so, NO!

VW? Well, I admit to driving a diesel Jetta the other day but like a Spielberg movie, a lot of money was spent on a story that you already know. Nothing new or splashy but the special affects are great! Sadly, you probably don't care if you see it again. Pass on fahrvergnugen and I will “get happy mon” with something different.....

Where does that leave me? Still married to Ole Bessie, but thinking of divorce and pining away for the Lincoln MKZ... (can I call her McKenzie????)

Sigh... did I tell you how pretty she is????? Registered & Protectedthe copyright law

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