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Monday, July 14, 2014


....From my as-told-to-me-from-Martha Stewart collection of tips....

OK.... I never met her, talked to her, or watched her show. I don't know whether she deserved to go to jail and don't know if she's full of crap or not.

Let's just call it, "Things I May Have Learned From Mom". She DID corrupt me as far as laundry duty goes. No one and I mean NO ONE does laundry like Mom. Whites are whiter, colors are coloryer, and I do NOT know all the secrets! I think vinegar is involved somewhere....

I'll just mention something I re-discovered after many years. Line-drying. 

I remember growing up, the backyard ALWAYS had a laundry line and Mom would faithfully use it. From our little duplex on Nissley Street, to the single family home on Conway Drive, a laundry line was always standard equipment. It wasn't that she would always hang things out, but when the option presented itself, the lines would be full of clothes, flapping in the breeze, targets for the birds and bugs.

When I finally moved out and got a place of my own, I must have activated the laundry line gene. My backyard had trees so I just screwed in some hooks and when I wanted to do laundry, I strung up a line. When I was done, down it came. Easy as it gets.

The apartment I live in now has 2 posts with lines on them year-round. I just recently doubled our line count by adding 2 for a total of 4 lines available. Of course I had to go overboard and use a bit of hardware to upgrade our lines. Imagine that... upgrading your laundry line. Life doesn't get much better! 

I went online and noticed a lot of discussion on the benefits of line-drying. You may be making a snap-judgement about the quality of my life if I am seeking out information, from all corners of the globe, on line drying. OK, maybe you aren't... 

These points may or may not be 93% accurate, but they make sense to me -

You can fire the laundry sheet guy. Yes, if you hang your things inside or out, there is no need to add chemicals or little squares of mystery material. No static and they smell fresh as the morning dew. Nice.

You can find time. When you use a dryer, unless you plan on ironing, you have to be around when the machine buzzes or you will be a walking wrinkle. You may or may not want to be around the house for this period of time, but I just hang the clothes and I'm out doing whatever I need to do. When I get back a few hours later, most things are dry, wrinkle-free, and fresh. Nice.

You can give less to the electric man. Yes, you can save money by not using your dryer. The more times a week you would normally use it, the faster your savings add up. Some folks ONLY look at this benefit and say it's not enough to stop using the dryer. I say, any time you can get a task done by NOT using an appliance, it is better. Better for the environment, better for the wallet. Nice.

Clothes last longer. This is a no-brainer. The lint catcher doesn't get all that material out of thin air. They get it out of your thinning clothes! The less you dry things, the longer they will last. Me being a guy, I guess is a different perspective. Maybe folks LIKE buying new clothes. I'd rather keep wearing what I got and spend my extra money on chocolate syrup....

So there you have it, my first entry in a new category of things to write about. It may be the last or a new source of material for a stand-up comedy routine.

Stay tuned to see which....

1 comment:

  1. Nothing beats sleeping in fresh lined dried sheets on that first night! It's been years. You've inspired me to string a line up!


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