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Monday, January 25, 2016


I am not shocked with the reaction to Stacey Dash's comments lately. When I started listening to social media, I realized quickly that people are NOT always kind. As a matter of fact, when hidden behind the curtain of the internet, you will see their true colors. They have no repercussions to being hateful, angry, or despicable. While this has a usefulness all it's own, the message they are trying to get out is clouded by their attitude.

It took a while for me to recognize that everyone has a right to express themselves. I was about 5 at the time, and it wasn't because the Constitution said it is so. It was because it doesn't make sense to censor anyone here in these United States.

We are a country of great diversity. There is no secret that we have an ongoing problem with that same diversity. It's also no secret that someone who has very little experience with a certain kind of people, may feel some sort of way about them because of ignorance. The way we learn about a stranger isn't to hate them for being around us. Maybe we are afraid that the stranger we despise is someone we may look up to.

They have been through more struggles, they have endured more pain, they have sacrificed more, and they are more worldly because of it all. Maybe we don't want a reminder that with all the advantages we have here, we didn't take advantage of them as well as this man/woman from a different land.

I don't know when "respect" was lost on society. Maybe I was too sheltered under Mama's skirt to see the world for what it always was. Maybe I dream too much. I don't know, but I think you would agree, hearing a different opinion than OUR own is an opportunity to learn something WE might not have known. I welcome the story of a family, moving from all they know, moving from family, friends, and generations of history, to a new land of opportunity. Just because WE don't take advantage of these same options, doesn't mean they aren't there.

Stacey is a classic example of a young lady who sees the world around her and wants to help people see it in a different light. She has a platform to speak and she takes advantage of it. Hundreds of thousands of people listen to her and millions would welcome her to a family dinner. She has led a life that many, many people would aspire. She has seen success and COULD just ride it out quietly cashing her checks. Yet she speaks her mind. She doesn't hide from her words, and obviously has thought about things before she puts it all out there for the world to react to. What some don't realize is that her stage is a LOT bigger than most.

I could say here in MY circle, "Peyton Manning hates pizza!" and no one would react. That isn't a reflection of the words spoken, it's a sign of the volume of my voice. Stacey says something about a TV network, and you would think she wants to have Hitler's baby. Her circle, obviously MUCH larger so her voice carries.

Should we dismiss her because we disagree? Of course not. Should we applaud her just because she says something? Of course not. Should we RESPECT her for using her voice, and hoping she can make a difference? Of course we should. Not everyone in her position would have the fortitude to take the abuse that she knows will come her way. I don't know how she handles the invitations to assist in her suicide. I don't see how she can ignore those accusations in her race that she be kicked out. I don't understand how she can stay positive in the darkness that people try and cast over her.

Is it because she is an attractive woman? Is it because she has a mind of her own and doesn't just follow along? I sincerely hope she keeps expressing herself, right or wrong. The world needs a strong opinion from young and old, male and female, and everyone that feels left out. How else are we going to make our world a better place unless we listen to all???

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