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Tuesday, February 21, 2017


OK..... Let's get THIS out of the way immediately. this does NOT apply to MEEEEEE!!!!!!

I know this time of year is busy. I know your life is hectic. I know it seems a chore to meet new people. I know there are liars out there, seemingly all forming a line to meet YOU. You may be single or have the spouse/friend/dog or cat of your dreams but if you don't make time for two  (or more depending on your lifestyle!), the dream turns out differently. I'm not here to tell you what to do. We are all adults and make our own decisions, based on what is best for us. Yet, at times we forget to do what we KNOW is important.

I'm here to remind you....

If you are a regular reader here, you KNOW I have been in and out of romance for many years and have chatted about the journey many times. If you click on the label "Dating", you come up with [THIS], which hopefully helps. The only thing I will add is, if you ARE lonely more hours in the day than you are not, I'm suspecting there are ills that even Mr/Ms Perfect won't cure. If you are feeling that way and NOT trying to DO anything about it, then stand in front of a mirror - start talking to that unhappy soul looking back at you. They are the ONLY one that can help.

There are mountains of  time-management books, articles, and theories out there that I questioned why I should contribute. I have a nice relationship with the concepts of "busy" AND "lazy", so maybe what I think on the subject is worthwhile to someone. As usual, I am going to refer you to the obvious expert on you for this - YOU!  Most people know, deep-down, when they fall short. We may not want to admit the failure, even if it's a small one. That means we aren't perfect! Oh my....

When we need the touch of another, and yes we DO need it every now and then, what can you do? That depends on your morality and motivation of course. Some just act on it and they have no negative feelings about it. They could invite a stranger into their lives, even if it's very temporary, and get what they need. Unfortunately, like a drug, this is a treating a symptom that will return if not fully cured. There are some who are OK with that.

For the rest of us single folks, we need something more permanent to get the satisfaction we crave. I'm not talking sex here, as romance involves all of the senses, not just in the loins. The object SHOULD be to make the time and make your mind up to be available. It is harder for some than others, and they let it stand in the way of happiness. There really is no reason we can't meet more new people these days. You could narrow it down to a few avenues. Computer based and reality based.Websites are more and more accepted, but people still are a bit leery. They AREN'T needed, although it IS a way to go beyond the circle of friends you already have.    

Interestingly, single people aren't the only ones feeling left out of the passion department. Married folks. I think, have the same dilemma, but on a different scale. Although their spouse may be right there beside them, life certainly gets busier when kids, jobs, and homes get dropped into the equation. People get tired, cranky, and in general, crave "alone" time when they can't have it. You have a schedule and there are too many hours of to-do's than there are minutes in most days. Such is life in 2017....

Soooooo.... what to do????

I'm betting you already know....


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