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Monday, September 24, 2012


Have you ever imagined what a “perfect” world would be like?

Would sports be as popular? Would academics be more important? How much would Government change? Would we stay together as our families grow or would we spread out in the world, going where our hearts take us? Would we suffer overall if there were no wars and the leap in technology that it provides? If chickens could talk would they still be our favorite meat?

I have a million questions in my mind on this subject. Not all of them are answered, but the idea we CAN work towards Utopia keeps my faith in humanity alive. You think it's so far-fetched? I bet the pioneers crossing the Great Plains would think our cars and highways, computers and telephones, medical resources and TV's would be too....

I know we all would have a different version of what this would be. Mine has the basics covered – food, clothing, shelter, good health for everyone, and an endless supply of chocolate. These are the foundation for everything else to follow, as the possibilities are endless when people don't have to suffer just finding a way to stay alive.

Can you imagine how many “Einstein's”, “DaVinci's”, “Gandhi's”, or “Shakespeare's” never had the chance to make a difference in the world because they were born in a country without the means to overcome poverty, were struck down with disease, or casualty of war? The unrealized potential of humanity is the biggest disappointment in my mind. The scarcity of leaders who care for something other than their own gain, the lack of compassion from those in power, and the general discord of most citizens in the world point to a planet that is far from what it COULD be.

Once the necessities are provided, what would we need to reach our maximum individual potential?

I think respect for all living things would be required. If you are lacking in this area, it is easy to consume all of our natural resources and very difficult to learn all the options to any question or problem. The strength of the United States is in the variety of it's people and their experiences combining to push the country forward. We are stronger as a nation when we band together and solve problems that might overwhelm anyone individually.

Respect for animals and their habitat would drive our decisions on land use, how we interract, and how we live. Do we REALLY need a chinchilla coat or snakeskin boots? Thankfully, no one needs to be killed in the making of my Hersheybar....

Compassion would be next in my recipe for the perfect Earth. Respect is one thing, but compassion would allow action toward an injustice or obstacle. Helping one another in times of need improves us all. When we no longer struggle with feeling helpless, alone, and insignificant, our true colors can truly shine. We also wouldn't have to put up with the stupidity of war. Most are based on religion, greed or acquiring power. In THIS world, we can all love one another, enjoy our differences, respect each other, and live in peace.

Compassion wouldn't just be the domain of the common man. Business leaders would have the resources to affect dramatic change, not only in the lives of their customers, but their workers as well. Paying a good wage, profit-sharing, and enabling any worker to have input would make an employee proud to work for the company and it would show.

The most significant contribution that Henry Ford gave us wasn't the assembly line. It was lifting the workforce to a higher social status so all can afford to buy the very product they produced. We obviously have not grasped that concept entirely when you hear that income today is not more than it was 30 years ago. Business leaders have failed to empower their workforce and in return, failures have been spectacular and crippling to the country.

Where would technology fall in this vision?

I think being naturally inquisitive, we human beings would still come up with a better way to deal with problems and provide entertainment. We love artists, so if there would be more opportunities to follow that passion, we would have more variety of things, electronic or not, for all to enjoy. The possibilities are endless!

Along with our need to improve is our need to explore. If we had no wars to fund, the ocean's mysteries could be solved and space travel could be viewed as a real option to many instead of the chosen few. If we would use humanity's collective mind, I am convinced there isn't a problem we can't solve.

What about jobs? Of course, in my perfect world, we all love them and they fit our personalities so we are not only happy, but we go out of our way to do well. It would be a pleasure to go to the store because we would have knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and smiling folks to help us. We would be able to get our cars serviced without worrying about being screwed by the mechanic. We could have our houses remodeled and not concern ourselves with the threat of shoddy workmanship. Sounds nice huh?

What about fun? If we love our work, would hobbies have less importance? I think most of us have things we like that are not things we would want to do for money. Some collect things or travel. Music will always be loved by the masses. Movies would be made to be higher quality, not just to make millions of dollars. Hobbies wouldn't be there for us to escape, but would represent what we truly connect with. We would be able to afford them and have the time to enjoy it.

I wonder what the role of marriage and children would be. In Utopia, we are more involved with our place in society and less in the worries and insecurities of self-esteem. I think in this environment, we have less family and more community. If we give to our neighbors and friends, contribute to the well-being of those in need, and fulfill our personal desires, I think more people would opt for the single life. If the statistics bear anything out, it's that a LOT of folks shouldn't be married! If the number of troubled kids bear anything, it's that a LOT of people shouldn't be parents! Instead of feeling obligated to do what everyone else does, many would look towards the path less traveled.

This reflection also makes me wonder if sex would be viewed the same. Yes, sex between lovers will always be special and unlike most anything else on Earth. I am talking more about the casual relationships we have and the interaction between people not in a formal relationship. The need for physical touch could probably be traced to many things, most being our desire to feel needed or wanted. In the perfect world, that emotion is filled many times in various ways, so would we continue to want the less-involved relationship? I doubt it. The porn industry might not have a reason to exist! Uh-OH.....

Maybe this isn't such a great idea.... Registered & Protectedthe copyright law

1 comment:

  1. Tricia wrote:


    Is a very subjective concept as each of us view perfection in the world and our lives differently,

    Yes, there is more to having a perfect world than that which we each want individually

    In our narrow-minded materialistic self-absorbed lives

    As that’s how much of our world regards it, I have found myself there all too often

    And willingly admit it

    I suppose it’s why I love my work as much as I do

    As it’s no longer about me but about others

    There’s no time to be self-absorbed or worry over mundane things

    Instead my thoughts and actions are completely focused on being my best

    For those that would otherwise be treated as insignificant and cast to the side and ignored

    And while surely I’m giving….I’m receiving ten-fold, as I learn more every day

    Watching them explore their world….through a different set of eyes

    And perfection is quite different….almost innocent.

    Then I return home, often feeling secluded and locked away,

    knowing little about what’s happening around me

    In my neighborhood, community, state, nation, or world

    Usually by choice as I’ve a great distaste to all that is wrong out there

    It’s difficult for me to view the world as a place with no wars or hatred,

    Where instead we lived as pluralists, with respect for each other, even when we disagree

    To me, perfection would be in the aesthetic things, man-made and natural

    And of the soul and mind, achieved through peace, and love, and laughter.

    And with that……enjoyed your post.

    Have a wonderful day! Smile! =)


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