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Thursday, January 3, 2013


Have you ever had someone suddenly drop into your life, out of the blue, no explanations, no logic? There's no reason to point to the way they have transformed your life, unless “just being there” was a reason. They had a profound affect, yet at times, they didn't even know....

They didn't know the fact that, when they weren't there, your day seemed just a little bit darker, joy was a little harder to find, and in general, things may have been good, but could have been gooder.

How does this happen? Why does this happen? SHOULD this happen?

Is it their dazzling personality? The way they treat others? The fact they energize the room without saying a word? Does anyone else SEE what you see? How can they not? How they make you forget to breath? Is it only physical? How they look in jeans? The color of their eyes?

I doubt it. There are a LOT of pretty people in the world, and not every gorgeous person makes your heart fall down to your feet. There are countless, great human beings that treat everyone with respect and dignity, yet they do nothing to make you sweat.

What is it about THEM? What makes them stand out from all the other people that pass by? Can you make them see YOU in the same light?

Sometimes... in the movies.

Oh, I realize that you might know a loving pair that, as soon as they met, could see the rest of their lives together. The rare folks who become a couple, live happily-ever-after, and are the inspiration for songs, books, and movies. In turn, they make us think that it CAN happen to us, we CAN live the dream, life CAN be perfect.

You CAN and probably ARE delusional....

So am I....

There were a few times in my life where I had those feelings, real or imagined, and attempted to follow my heart. Unfortunately, most times it led me to a door that once opened, showed a new way to shred my soul.

And yet, I still believed.... many times.

I believed when I was older and supposedly wiser, run over by the mass transit vehicle also known as Lachelle. She was stunning as she sat at the bar of a restaurant, innocently eating lunch. I was there with friends and HAD to say something to her as she left. My one chance to make an impression, make her want to know more, getting her to fall like I did, the moment I saw her face... perfection.

If I would have known what lay ahead, I might have stowed away on the space shuttle, hoping that 200 miles in space would be enough of a buffer to minimize the chances of ever seeing her again. Crazy is jealous of just how crazy that girl was....From perfection to insane in less than a month. Amazing...

I believed when I was very young and met Diane. She was the prettiest girl I had ever seen. We moved into their house when her family sold it. I slept in her old bedroom. We eventually went the same school, where I was mesmerized. I rode my bike by her house a thousand times, just trying to catch her outside. Imagining my first kiss, and actually living THAT part of the dream. We were a couple for what now seems minutes, not the forever she has had with Tony.

I still believed when I met eyes with a ravishing young lady in a far away mall, a long time ago. I felt the familiar twinge of anticipation, knowing that she saw my soul, even if it was just a glance. My mind said it was a ridiculous thought, but my mind also reminded me that, even if there was only one chance in a million, there was STILL a chance....


I had to look back. And....

She was gone.

What's a guy to do?

Return exactly a week later of course.

Exactly a week. To the day, to the hour, to the minute, to the place of our special moment. She would be waiting, watching, knowing I would be there. Fate brought us together and the story would be told for generations....

Except she wasn't there. No story to be told. No generations to listen.

I wasn't crushed, devastated, or even depressed.

I knew that there was a chance she was not looking at me invitingly, that possibly she was looking at me wondering why she didn't get sprinkles on her ice cream.

I won't lie, I WAS disappointed. But at least I didn't wonder, “what-if”....

I've always believed in living the movie, if only I would find the right co-star. It hasn't happened yet, but I still believe. I still have the faith.. I still keep my eyes open for the moment my life changes direction, going off, not east or west, but straight to where anything is possible, anyone can be the ONE, and any place can be forever.

Do YOU still believe???? Registered & Protectedthe copyright law

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