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Monday, June 23, 2014


There's an interesting thought. If you could convince ANYONE of ANYTHING, what would you do?
The possibilities are endless, and I'm NOT talking about having success with the ladies!
How bout ending racism? It's only the dumbest thing about human beings I can think of....
You could talk to the President, maybe get him to approve something that he wouldn't politically be able to do. Like anything commonsensical.
You could speak to Senators and Representatives, making them see the error of their ways, or at least find out just how awful they truly are. And then, get them unelected.
You could find out if OJ REALLY DID do it. Do we have a doubt???
You could get thieves to stop stealing. This would take MANY conversations I'm sure....
You could talk to the networks and get reality TV deleted from every channel. Forever!
You could help people stop smoking and start living happier lives.
You could get the greed out of the stock markets.
You could FINALLY have peace in the Middle East. And everywhere else in the world...
You could get a car salesman to give you a good deal.
You could find out why a college education costs THAT much.
You would know EXACTLY how long it will take to be seated at a popular restaurant.
You could know, once and for all, how you look in those pants.
You would find out who regifted.
You would know if size REALLY does matter.
You could solve world hunger (hopefully by NOT putting a McDonalds on every corner)
You could find out if space aliens have landed in area 51 and where they might be today. I'm betting Wall St....
What would I do?
In addition to things already mentioned, I would talk to people in my past that I may not have trusted things they said, and found out why they felt the need to be dishonest.Then I would give them a wedgie....
I would find ways to meet some of the famous folks I respect and learn more about them. I  am fearful though that the truth might affect the respect, but it would be fun to find out...
I could go to a prison and find out who is REALLY innocent.
I could find out how people REALLY feel about me. I've tried this before but got few answers. Would I like the truth????
I could help Oprah stay away from those daggone potato chips!
I would get the local Goodwill to hire Justin Beiber. They could always use someone to sweep the floors. We might never see him again....I bet the world would be forever grateful...
I would ask the Pope if he truly has faith.... and maybe see if he knows how to change a flat tire.
I would get ESPN to show a variety of things, like they used to.... not just the same thing on every one of their channels!
I would be able to know very quickly if a first date was going to lead to.... a second! Get your mind out of the gutter...
I could help deserving organizations with fundraising and KNOW the money isn't going to remodel the CEO's office
I could go out with Taylor Swift and we could write a song about it... maybe an album, assuming we would STOP dating of course....

Having this superpower would be both wonderful and disappointing I'm sure. The good in folks is usually buried under a bunch of crap, and most people aren't honest with their opinions, but it would be my hope that you could help the positive in humanity come out and be the norm instead of a magical moment that happens every so often and is shown on YouTube. For everyone else, you could see that karma would step in and right the wrong....

What would YOU do if you could convince anyone of anything? Registered & Protected

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