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Sunday, September 6, 2015


I just came from watching "Straight Outta Compton" and had some thoughts...

As much as I try and imagine a colorless-people Earth, it would be ignorant to say that it is. Our world is FAR from perfect....

One of the traits we think that defines humanity is treating each other with dignity and respect. We fail miserably and completely. Racism, despite being common to most countries, has to be one of the most embarrassing qualities I can think of. To form an opinion that is only based on appearance is not only irresponsible, it's just plain stupid.

To those that think our country has repaired the racial divide, I can only hope they do not bear witness to the realities of being a so-called minority here in these United States. I was one who was blind to the struggles of those who didn't have similar skin pigments as me. All I knew was, my friends were not defined by ethnicity and I didn't treat anyone different because of what they looked like. The small town I grew up in didn't demand you lock your doors or fear the Police in any way.

My eyes were opened later in life as I heard the stories of many, the common thread being a life affected in a NOT positive way by others, usually of Caucasian persuasion. This brought a huge disappointment in my country and species, yet drew me closer those brothers and sisters that I may never meet....

Those that struggle to survive, not knowing if today will be their last. Those that live in fear of oppression by authority figures. Those that are abused by Law Enforcement, despite their promise to "Protect and Serve". Those that could offer wisdom, yet are shunned because of a language or other barrier.

This CAN'T be the America we are proud of. The one that offers opportunity to those who work hard and contribute to the greater good. If we take the most basic rights away from people living here, legally or otherwise, shame should be the overwhelming emotion for those directly unaffected. Why do we tolerate this mistreatment of our own?

I wish I knew....

Ferguson is not an isolated or extreme incident. Everyone HAS to admit there IS a horrific treatment of our people here... our people.... our family, if not by blood by spirit. This has been going on for generations and to ignore it will only make those affected more motivated to enact some revenge or at least make their voices loud enough for all to take notice. They should NOT go it ALONE. We need to unite regardless of our social status or family genes.

I always hoped to see the day when racism was a distant memory, but I fear that we are so flawed as a species, the cure lies beyond our reach. Maybe the future will bring about an intelligence we do NOT have at the moment. Maybe the fact that we are ALL unique and different and these differences should be celebrated and embraced.

My life now brings me in touch with folks from a diversified ancestry. Just in the past few months, I've talked to people from as far away as Pakistan, India, Nigeria, Ghana, and even Kathmandu in Nepal. I have to look at a map to see where these interesting places are and the stories I hear are always fascinating. It proves that no matter where you are from, we are all the same. The same concerns, the same things make us happy, the same things crush us.

I'll never understand how we cannot feel a deep respect for those that leave their home to come to a place that offers a better opportunity for them or their kids. Maybe it's the fact that Mom came from a foreign land that makes it seem so cool. The conversations with these adopted people just support the idea that they learn from us, we learn from them, and we BOTH are stronger because of the bond created. Sounds simple right?

it's also simple how we can fix this beyond conversations and friendly attitudes.

If you see injustice happening, it's your duty as a fellow human being to step up and defend those that are being persecuted. If you think it DOESN'T affect you then you are just contributing to the issues at hand with no hope of solving the problems that cripple the prosperity and happiness for all. The inadequacies of our humanity that we are handicapped with should NOT stop us from improving the quality of life for those around us. If we all do our part, this tragedy we are all living through can be healed. We CAN make it disappear. Do YOU want to be a part of the success or one of the reasons we fail?

it's all in your hands...

The movie?

I have to admit, I didn't know much about the events so it was mostly new to me. If you like a story with a mostly happy ending and includes people you can be proud of, go see it. The music is part of the show, but if you didn't already know, it's the music that brought about an awareness that wasn't being shown anywhere else. You may have a new appreciation and understanding.... and a smile.

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