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Sunday, December 13, 2015


Inspiration comes from all sorts of things. A sight, a smell, a person , a smelly person.... could be anything. In my case this morning, it was a tweet from an uber-talented singer, dancer, model, actress, and Hawkgirl. A QUINTUPLE threat???? Wait... that sounds like she beats babies! Let's just say she's FABULOUS.


What were we talking about???????

Oh.... ok. Inspiration.

Ciara Renee posted this morning one of her favorite movies (Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day) and, since it was the morning and I was still half sleeping, it got me to thinking.... get your head out of the gutter!!.... it got me to thinking, since the mornings are my most imaginative and creative. The bed faces my collection of DVD's so it was easy to start picking my own favorite movies. That got the ball rolling....

The first one that came to mind was "That Thing You Do" with Tom Hanks. I put it in the category of "fun" since I NEVER get tired of watching it. The music, the story (written AND directed by Tom Hanks), the fact it was about a group of kids from Erie, PA.... all makes for a fun 149 minutes. I later re-filed it under "Movie You Can't Watch Sitting Still".

"Fun" immediately sounded like a boring category. The very next selection, since I was NOW up and scanning the titles, was "The Illusionist", which obviously was placed in the "Best Movie To Introduce To A Thinking Person" category. If you've never seen it, the story of Eisenheim is not only cool but surprising. If you are patient and can enjoy being led on a twisted path, this will be a pleasure to see.

The newest listing in the "Let Me Go To The Refrigerator Before Ray Says 'Hey Dad...Wanna Have A Catch?' And You Start Crying" category of course is "Field of Dreams". Who knew a cornfield in Iowa could be snubbed on Oscar Night during the "Best Supporting Actor" award (Damn that Joe Pesci in "Goodfellas"). You don't have to love baseball to love this treasure.

Same goes for dodgeball. You don't have to be a hard-core baller to enjoy the misfits of Average Joe's Gym, fighting to keep their beloved training facility intact. In the movie "Dodgeball:A True Underdog Story", you will have some of life's great lessons revealed to you, in vivid color. Lessons like the vital "If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball". Once you see this classic film, you will forever be changed, especially if you apply the 5 d's of dodgeball to life - dodge, duck, dip, dive, and dodge. I'm not sure if one of those is to buy a new truck or not, but a good pairing to make a comedic double-feature would be adding "Dumb & Dumber" to the evening's festivities. This epic journey of love and pastel tuxedos will make you cheer out loud when you find out Lloyd has a chance to be with the girl of his dreams, even if that chance is only one in a million. Category: "Comedies or Read the latest issue of Obscure Sports Quarterly"

How about a popular entry in the "Movie Is Better Than The Book" section? "The Firm". It may be older, but it showed us that lawyers CAN have a heart, even if it's only in the movies. And we get to see Tom run. This was pre-insane Cruise, so we can enjoy all five-foot seven of this towering icon.

"Phenomenon" gave us a John Travolta role that was actually likable. It also gave us a good example of the "Learning Can Be Fun But The Ending Can Kill You" kind of movie. It's not a true story, but who can't relate to being the smartest person in the room and being looked at funny for it. OK... maybe we are just being looked at funny for the way we LOOK.

"Serendipity" is an "It's NOT Unhealthy To Fall In Love With A Complete Stranger" kind of movie that gives us all hope that we will find true love in a department store. Even though I know how the story ends, I can't get enough of  Jonathan and Sara and the winding road that leads to.....

With "Kate & Leopold", we see it is a "Perfectly Fine to Have Had an Ex-Girlfriend That Also Happened To Be Your Great-Great-Grandmother" kind of movie. Besides, who WOULDN'T go back over a hundred years, just to get away from all the reality shows on TV?

One of the missing pieces in my collection is "Belle". Of course, we all know I have a weakness for a great story, but I also found out I have a great weakness for Gugu Mbatha-Raw. Luckily, she is the star and also luckily, she has talent to match her overwhelming beauty. Once I acquire this DVD, I will put it in the "A Historical Period Movie That I Never Noticed The History" area.

I'm not ashamed to admit that one of my favorite movies EVER is "The Lake House". While I am not the biggest Keanu Reeves fan, the idea of "Love Thru A Mailbox" has a certain appeal, if not advantages. Long-distance relationships can be tough, but I'm sure 2,000 miles is easier to deal with than the 2 years difference. Obviously, penmanship would count.

This should NOT be confused with "You've Got Mail". I probably don't have to tell you that no postal mailboxes were involved in this film, but there was plenty of mail. Seriously though, can you go WRONG pairing Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan? Course not... that plus the sound of a dial-up modem.

Old times are relived throughout the movie "Mischief". Heading the "1950's Were NOT So Innocent" section, we are entertained by the bumbling and fumbling of future dentist, Jonathan while he tries to attract Marilyn McCauley, his dream girl, who is only mildly amused.

A SUPER girl leads the show in "The Blind Side". Has there been many stronger characters than the one portrayed by Sandra Bullock as Leigh Anne Tuohy? She is quite a driving force, enabling a young man to thrive in an environment he is not particularly comfortable with. It's cool that it's also a true story... more or less. File this under "Unstoppable Female Lead Character", sub-filed "Waiting For A Sequel Just To See More Leigh Anne".

We ALSO want to see more of Charlene and Howie from "Bringing Down The House". They would put the fun in funny I am sure! It's been filed under "Waiting For Sequal" since the week I brought it home. I'm beginning to believe that over ten years waiting will only involve more waiting.... ugh.

Apparently, we will have to wait on more Paula Patton. It looks like she will have some projects released next year, but until then, I'll just have to watch "Deja Vu" again.... and again..... and again. Like I BEEN doing. She is ravishing everywhere you see her, and especially so in this great time-displaced action movie. It's part of the "Law Enforcement Uses Wormhole To Catch Bad Guys" collection. There's also some guy on the cover of the DVD...not sure if he's in it or not.

Yet another time-travel flick that I love (Yes, I have a THING for it, guilty!) is "Frequency". The use of time is a bit different than most other films, and adds to the drama that quickly unfolds. On the "Fireman Helps Detective Son Catch A Bad Cop" shelf, there's none better. It's also good to see Satch (Andre Braugher) got that promotion to Captain, as evidenced in the TV series "Brooklyn 99", but his name has me confused... Why did they change it to Raymond?????

One name that WON'T change is Frank Castle. the bad guys know him well in "The Punisher". You can find him in the "The Good Guy Who Isn't EXACTLY All Good Will Beat The Bad Guys Down" portion of the library. If lots of action, violence and mayhem are what you are looking for on a nice Sunday evening after church, this is my recommendation.

Also recommended is the jewel of the "Taraji P Henson Never Looked Better" series, "Talk To Me". This was a biographyish telling of the life of Petey Green, well known disc jockey in the DC area. The time period was the late 60's and the wardrobe was outstanding. Well done... Taraji with the big afro - enuff said.

I could keep going all night, but you get the idea. Many, many categories, many, many great films. And more to come.

We will do this again soon, if you like.....

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