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Tuesday, August 16, 2016


Triumph has a website that offers an email to relay stories about an owner's experience. I felt this was good opportunity to tell a story... 

 Hello! I am new to Triumph, but not a new rider, as I bought my first 2-wheeler when I was 18. That was 34 years ago this spring, but this year has brought a few firsts. The search for a bike to satisfy the desire to ride again was full of frustrations. 

Since I am aware of my slowly creeping towards curmudgeonism, it was no surprise that I found many of the new bikes full of technology, horsepower.... and dreadful looks. I am mostly a Kawasaki guy, from my starter bike (a 2-stroke H1), progressing up to the H2, then my first brand-new ANYTHING -

a GPz 750 Turbo. I got caught up in the top-speed wars for a minute and upgraded in fast succession to
....the 900 Ninja, then....

the 1000 Ninja. After that, I gave up. It was too tough and too expensive  to keep up with the latest and greatest, so I settled onto...
...a sport touring Concours for a few years. Following the sale of the Concours, life got busy with me and I found no time for a motorcycle in my garage. That went on for over a decade. 

I finally got the urge to ride again last year, deciding it was time to own a Harley, and immediately regretted that on the ride home. I kept it for one season, questioning my judgement, but thinking I was done riding for a while. Surprisingly, I missed those short cruises that cleanse the soul. I started to get the itch again, so what would be my next purchase? 

I thought about returning to my roots and going Kawasaki again, but the only bike that spoke to me was a Harley look-alike. I wanted something more sporty but NOT full-on, since I wanted this next choice to be more elegant. The market provides many options and styles, but none I fell in love with until I saw

a Ducati Scrambler Italia Independent in pictures. I had found my category but once I saw the bike in person, I was underwhelmed. It didn't take long for me to find another version of the same style -
a Triumph Thruxton. 

I was afraid that the pictures would embellish this bike as well, but once I saw it in person, I was smitten. I had felt the same tingle when I first saw pictures of the  750 Turbo, but this many years later, it was tempered by reality. Would it be comfortable? Would it handle good? Would it easily carry two? These questions were not easily answered, as a test ride request was shot down. My first reaction was to walk out and go to a place that actually WANTED my business. It was easy to do but that beautiful bike kept me there until I decided to purchase without riding. NO test rides from THIS dealer! 

I wasn't happy with how uncomfortable I was while riding, but every time I looked at her, those pains went away. I waited patiently as the accessories I wanted were not available at time of purchase. I would have called them ESSENTIAL, as I wanted a seat for two and the related footpegs. What kind of motorcycle DOESN'T have room for TWO??? The bike also didn't have any tie-down tabs to be able to carry anything. Ugh... And let's not start with the 500 mile service that is NOT included with the purchase price. Are you kidding me??? And then I look at her and all is forgiven...

I now have over 1200 miles on the odometer, and many more to come, I hope. It was comfortable in short stints. It handled better than expected, feeling light and nimble. Carrying two is effortless. One of the most shocking developments of this new bike is the fact Mom is enjoying the ride as well! This is opposite of the Mom from 20 years ago that swore, after a slow calm ride, she would NEVER go again! Well.... "never" in this instance lasted just a couple decades. I knew she was going to be my constant passenger when, one day, I told her I was headed out for a quick ride and her first reaction was, "Where we going?" I smiled and we went out.  

It is nice to be able to go for a cruise and not have to worry about her. She is in her 70's now and has memory issues. She hasn't known my name in a while and has forgotten most of the bad things that went on in her life. Luckily she hasn't forgotten how to laugh. I like to think her sitting on the back of the Thruxton as therapy.  She has a relaxing ride and I enjoy the quality time with her. Win, win.

We started out a bit rocky, me and Triumph. Yet, the rides have been fun, I am averaging around 60 mpg, and when all else fails, all I have to do is take a good look....
Helga's Adventures In Whereverland on Crowdrise

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