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Wednesday, August 3, 2016


It's funny. In the past, I would pay a little attention to the election process, and some years I would choose the Republican candidates across the board. Simple. Easy.

...and for me, wrong.

I decided this year I would be more involved, look deeper into the issues, research the candidates, and vote who best represented ME. Facebook allowed me to exchange ideas and thoughts. One of my best friends whom I respect greatly, freely speaks of the Republican ideals and his thoughts on the parties as a whole. I watch as much as I can stand, and then I think about the future.

And then I wonder.

How can our future as a country be best laid out?
Who is capable of bringing together our nation of diversity?
Whom can I trust to have the character to do what they say?
Who has the courage to fight the big fight and not back down?
Who has the dignity to reject the easy money and fight for the people instead of the wealthy?
Who will be a President that I can be PROUD to say I voted for?

There seems to be only a few options for people in this crazy process. Some folks have totally given up on the value of their vote. They feel they have no voice or hope that ANYONE will be there to fight for THEM. None of the people running has spoken a message that they relate to. They have become cynical and would rather just ignore the whole scene. I can't blame them.

The "news" that is reported these days cannot be taken at face value. There appears to be an agenda for each network to choose a side in every battle, including this one. I never thought I would see the day when that far-fetched idea was reality. Not only can't you trust what is being said, but you don't REALLY know WHERE you CAN get an honest look at current events. That fact has made people distrustful of almost everything now. Cynicism rules.... how sad.

It's obvious from where most people sit that the 1% has benefited the most in the last 30 years. Real wages have not improved much, jobs have been lost to foreign lands, and costs have gone up and multiplied. Corporations have infected the DC area and the public's vision is, as long as they fill the outstretched arms of those in power  with cash, they will pretty much be able to get whatever they want. Nothing has been done to prevent another 2008 from happening, which destroyed thousands of families. Those holding high offices then, hold high offices now. There is a status quo and it doesn't include John or Jane Q Public.

What can we do?

The biggest problem, as I see it, is a lack of a central figure. I was a Bernie supporter and I know that wasn't embraced by the average American. Yes the crowd WAS vocal and he WAS able to win almost two dozen state's primary elections in spite of the Democratic National Committee conspiring to choose Clinton in advance. His ideas were said to big too big or undoable. He spoke of socialism and folks who didn't understand it were scared away from even learning the definition. One of his many themes was that college should be debt-free, but many just took that as kids looking for free stuff. He also wanted to take out the same big banks that were "too big to fail". This alone should have made people support him in droves but the concept didn't ring in the ears of the common man or woman. Disappointing, to say the least, that the only person talking a positive message would be drowned out by the negativity and craziness.

There is Gary Johnson of the Libertarian Party. I don't know much about this guy but he IS a former Republican who believes in less government and still allows big money to have a hand in the political scene.Their platform can be found [here]. There are a few lines I do NOT like but everyone has a different idea of what is important. Do I think Gary would be a better choice than either "careless" or "clueless"? I think SNOOPY would be a better option, honestly....

The Green Party's claim to fame is that they "gave away" the Presidency to Bush when the Green Party had thousands of votes and Gore lost by hundreds. While here is NOT the place to debate THAT ridiculous notion, Jill Stein deserves a look, (platform [here]) especially if you were a Berner. She speaks much the same language and has the enthusiasm and positive message that Bernie had.

The two major parties are well known and I can't add anything new to the mix. There ARE certain people who will vote their party no matter what. Then there are those who look at individual merit and vote accordingly. This election, more than most others, will be determined by those in the middle. I just shake my head when the internet provides one side of an issue and the very next article will refute it. I know the frustration of people TRYING to get an unbiased report these days. I KNOW it is difficult to believe ANYONE in the political scene. I KNOW you feel your vote might not matter, yet it DOES. It REALLY does.

I hope you cast a ballot, not out of FEAR but from your heart. This is a time for change and it WILL happen, if you don't just cave in to the parties in charge. Do it to feel better about yourself. Do it to add your voice to the mix. Do it so you can complain loudly, or celebrate wildly, the results in November. Do it.

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