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Wednesday, November 9, 2016


We are now into the next day after the elections for President. Surprisingly, the Earth is NOT on fire, people are NOT running through the streets, and there are still folks that believe that Elvis is not dead. pretty much looks like yesterday here except for the rain.

Unless you are on social media....

It's easy for forget that for every person who voted for the winner, there is more folks that voted against. And they are expressing themselves!

From outright refusal to recognize results to the disdain of the winner, and hopelessness, there is a full plate of emotions being served. The cycle of this election was fascinating, if not a bit surreal. When Trump first announced, no one took him seriously.

There was talk of his participation being the guarantee of another Clinton in the White House. There were some who dismissed it as a joke. There were many who gave him no chance. There were scandals, innuendo, quotes from years ago, and a general displeasure of his being the Republican candidate. Even from the GOP. Words like racist, narcissist, womanizer, race-hater, and much much more.

There was Bernie Sanders. he was a positive-talking, rally-inspiring, Independent-Democrat that used the word socialism without fear. In an interview with the Associated press in November 1990 - "To me, socialism doesn't mean state ownership of everything, by any means creating a nation and a world in which all human beings have a decent standard of living".

People listened....some understood. Some couldn't read past the fear of another Russia. He won a lot of support from people who never were active in politics. He mobilized a younger voter, despite being over 70 years of age. Yet he lost.

To Hillary Clinton.

She was the first woman to get elected by a major party to represent them in a Presidential election. The talk was of history.... woman's equality.... and emails and servers and mistrust and bad decisions and on and on. It seemed inevitable to most that she would sit in the big chair. Then she lost. To an equally disliked person. Who was the lessor of the evils? It was a sad statement that the two people we were told had any chance of winning were as awful as these two. Yet the process went on. We voted. Some are happy today. Some are not.

There is talk of a great divide in our country, given their voice by the President-elect. This may come from misunderstanding, fear, or from actual feelings from real people.This "divisive" country was here before any election started. The expression might have been muted, but the beliefs are there, right or wrong. You can't ignore it just like you can't ignore the injustices that happen to so many seemingly every day. Is there hope?

Back in 2008 we had hope.

A fresh start from a new face with a mesmerizing speechability. We KNEW this guy would make a difference. 8 years later, we all have different perspectives on the effectiveness of our 44th President. if you are better off, then you will see it as a positive. If you are still struggling, you may have a conflicting reality. We are almost through 2016, and 2017 CAN be a year to be positive and anticipate great changes for all. Change for those that hate for no reason. Change for those that opposed the Republican candidate. Change for those that were rabid riders of the Trump Train.

I think we have a unique opportunity now. We have exposed people's true feelings. They cannot undo their expressions from the heart. Yet, we MUST come to some kind of understanding that we CAN get along. We CAN thrive, despite our differences. We CAN appreciate the challenges of another, even if it doesn't affect us directly.

Immigration is a national issue that will touch us all sooner or later.
Jobs that we can earn a good living need to be available to everyone.
Opportunities for every citizen to realize their dreams should be possible.
Healthcare that we can afford should be a front-burner item.

Hope is a much more enjoyable way to live. It makes your vision see less of the negative side of life. You are happier. Those around you are happier. This can be a new beginning..... I hope you will be a part of it.

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