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Saturday, January 26, 2013


I wrote recently about reaching 5000 views to this site. It was a level I never imagined would be reachable. Now that 6000 has passed by so soon, it made me go back and look closer...

Where are these people coming from? It isn't ME logging on again and again. Why would they come back? What made them look here to begin with?

From October to January, there were over 1000 views, which is surprising since I had taken two months off. I didn't do much with that time, and believe me, I TRIED to write SOMETHING every day. No luck, and not even many good ideas to try and write in the future. Once I came back though, I posted at a faster rate than ever before. 17 in 19 days. It's probably not a coincidence that this will end up being the top month for visitors since this journey began in 2009. The topics were varied and not prepared in advance.

They sometimes happened while I was working on something else, such as “Excerpt From a Perfect Night”, which was a just an imagined place, time, and person. In my “MOM” series, I have been working on that for a while, not sure how I would use the newfound insight and memories, but knowing that one posting would not be enough.... “Karma” started out as a belief and turned into my hopes to make things a little better, even if it was only in my mind.

Bad Managers” is a topic I have carried around for years, reflecting on my experiences in the workplace. It took a reminder from a conversation I had with a friend that inspired me to complete the thought and put it out there. “Duke” is one entry I didn't think I would write, as he is very much still with me in spirit. When I say I miss him every day, I mean EVERY day. He was the best and it was easy to put into words but not easy to understand how I could put my career in front of him. Maybe it's the guilt of not seeing him, maybe it's not knowing if he even cared. Maybe I just miss his smiling face.... yes dogs smile!

New Years Resolutions” was an easy one to do, since it is so common at the beginning of the year. I had not attempted to say anything about it before so I figured it was time. I didn't want the same old story you see when you look around, and as usual, I wanted to ask questions that hopefully get answered.

Things That Make Me Happy” was born out of the frustration I was having at the time, living in Negativille. It's a place that can be visited from time to time, but one should never stay long. It's too depressing. I was there and it seemed like everything I wrote or even thought about was of the not-so-positive nature. What could be better than a reminder of what inspires happytime!

I have outlines for about a hundred different things to write about. As always, I can't truly get into the flow of writing unless I am moved by something or someone. That's what happened with “Going Away”. Of course, this wasn't something I had put on my list. This was born from a phone call and continued with the unimaginable – to know you will be leaving this life sooner than expected. How will it affect those around me? Have I done enough to be remembered for more than a blip? How lucky to be able to prepare and say what hasn't been said. I saw it from both sides and was happy that at least one of the people involved with the realities of the situation gave me a thumbs-up. I really thought hard about NOT doing it because I wasn't sure if the family would react. In the end, I just assumed no one was reading, so you see the result.

I enjoy writing about people so it was effortless to write about Mary and Elvis. One of my hopes for the future me is to find more folks that have a great story. Whether through personal experience or just discovering someone, there are more people with things to say than you could ever imagine. After all, I've said enough about me, right?

Parents say the same thing as most authors. They don't like one child/story better than others. Well, I can't say that! I DO enjoy a few of these postings more and there is no clear cut reason why. They just are better in my eyes. In the future, I will be looking back at other view-points, 4000, 3000 and so on... I will point these favorites out and maybe you can help explain why I feel like I do.

Until then, do YOU have a favorite? Care to share? Registered & Protectedthe copyright law

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