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Sunday, August 9, 2015



Did I have THAT much to say these last few years???? I can't imagine how they added up. If you have (patiently) followed, you know I don't have inspiration to write every day. It comes and goes, never expected, but it seems THAT'S the way it is with me. Sorry....


I keep a file of stories to write or stories started, or ideas, or just titles of things to write about. It has grown over the years, so on this meaningful achievement, I decided to share some of those with you and see what you think.

FINDING YOUR “FOREVER” (inspired by YOU Cathi! Congrats on the engagement!! OK... now I guess I have to FINISH it huh???)

HEARTBREAK (inspired by another friend who shall remain nameless, yet she KNOWS it's only temporary and will be replaced by JOY in a short time)

YOU ARE WHAT YOU DRIVE (this has been a work in progress for YEARS!!!)

UNSOLICITED ADVICE TO MEN (I am hesitant to give ANY guy advice towards women for fear they will use this Top Secret information on a covert operation that will end badly for the ladies involved)

CATCHING YOUR DREAM (not a “how-to” but more like a push to dream an attainable dream so that you may experience LIVING it.... I dream all the time and have caught a few myself)

SEX (can you EVER have enough to read about this very personal topic?????)

KNOW WHO YOU ARE (this could be helpful to those who THINK they are different than they actually ARE.... or not)

POLITICAL CORRECTIDNESS (yes, another invented word. Inspired by those events that are hot for a moment, then replaced by another hotter event a moment later)

RENTAL PROPERTY OWNERSHIP – NIGHTMARE OR A REALISTIC GOAL? (I have friends that own rentals and they have shared some info, not all good, not all bad)

MY HATRED OF THE PITTSBURGH STEELERS (I'm a Raiders fan... enuff said)

NOT INTERESTED (I have a million stories on people not interested in going out with me, buying anything from me, or even sharing the same air.... )

WAKING UP TO A STORY (I wake up with an idea every now and then...but not today)

PETS (It seems easy to write about the affect of pets on our life, but I have to get it RIGHT.... that's the hard part... ugh.)

MY UNCLE ROGER (How do you write about the person you respected more than anyone on earth? I haven't found out yet.... but I WILL)

FAT IS NOT THE NEW BUFF (This is not news, but I thought I could be funny.... I was waiting till I lost a few dozen pounds, but it's not going all that well....)

BROKEN MARRIAGE (I was going to write about the years I was married and how I could have handled it differently.... but not yet)

MY EVER-CHANGING BUCKET LIST (My list changes with time, as I suspect YOURS does too.... it SEEMS normal but....)

MEMORIES OF SCHOOL (My time in school was awful. Why write about it? Maybe THAT is the answer to the question why haven't I FINISHED it???)

RODNEY DANGERFIELD (another comedian that makes you cry when you hear his story.... maybe I'm just a crier, but it's a good story, I promise)

MOST BEAUTIFUL (I cringe every time a magazine crowns a “Most Beautiful” award to anyone.... Lots to say on this but it has to be interesting and NOT make it sound like I'm jealous – because I'm NOT... REALLY!)

CHARACTERS ON TV (this started as a regular habit of finding out what the heck happened to the familiar faces you see on so many older TV shows... some are happy stories, some are quite tragic)

5-MINUTE TALK WITH A YOUNGER ME (this chat could go on for HOURS!!!)

DEALING WITH RUDENESS (no I'm not talking about punching someone in the face.... unless it's a last resort)

WHEN “FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS” TURNS TO “FRIENDS WITH BENEVOLENCE” (if you know the meaning of the words, you know what I'll be talking about... yes I had to consult a dictionary)

LOSING OUR HISTORY (I like local historical anything. I see us losing a bit every day and wanted to express my thoughts... I'm still awaiting my expressiveness)

WHEN THE DREAMING STOPS (I feel like there will be a day when I stop dreaming.... or not)

THE DOWNSIDE OF “PRETTY” (yes, of course there is a downside. Not that I have any personal experience on the subject!!!)

LIFE IS FAIR (if you believe life is unfair, you are losing)

BEING INSIGNIFICANT (If this was an Olympic event, I would bring home the gold, no doubts....)

I have a desire to write some fiction as well. I don't know if anyone will actually WANT to read those words, but I have a few ideas....

THE DARK SIDE OF SUCCESSFUL (this is not the usual happy-being-rich-and-famous story. Everything has a bad side to it. Some are VERY bad....)

THE MAGIC MOUND (I was a pitcher in Little League and one lonely afternoon I visit the place of my most crushing defeat.... and find out I can change the events of that day. And many more....)

THE DREAMS OF THE DEPARTED (everyone wants a horror story these days... this would be one of mine, of course involving a love story!)

INTERVIEW OF A LIFETIME (long time readers will remember this storyline was started but not completed.... I WILL finish the life of Tony and

LIVING BEYOND LOVING (a man from 1725 reflects on his life the past 250 years... through the pain and sorrow to the choices he made, until he was found out one day....)

What do you think? Will you keep reading?

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