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Thursday, January 26, 2017


I've written a few open letters on here, but never to someone in my dreams....Should I even be DREAMING of the opposite sex at this age??? I will answer and say "heck yes!"

Why am I dreaming? I guess because she hasn't popped up in reality (yet). Yes I STILL can HOPE! Since I am NOT getting any younger, I decided to write her, just in case she is listening....

What's she really like?

She is smart. Not just book smart, but a diabolical type of smart that works in her favor with her job and how she interacts with folks. She pays attention to things and doesn't have to ask as many questions of mere mortals because the answers were in plain sight. She doesn't get flustered by unexpected happenings, since she can process things at an amazing pace. She doesn't overreact to situations and appreciates similar qualities in her man. She also appreciates her man making up new words, and using old words like "diabolical" to describe HER.

She is funny. She laughs often and at many kinds of humor. She is a happy soul and not just because her man (me!) is a good influence. She has been through some tough times but they didn't beat her down. As a matter of fact, it strengthened her resolve to stay joyous in the face of chaos.

On top of happy, she is deeply interesting. She can hold a conversation on just about any topic. She can support arguments with facts, yet is open to another opposing opinion. She doesn't box herself in with the same old routine. She steps out and loves adventure, even if it's only for moments at a time.

She is opinionated. Shyness is for OTHERS, yet she is respectful in how she brings out her ideas and thoughts. She will not be silenced, but isn't so set in stone that she might not be swayed to modifying her position on something being debated.

She is driven to succeed, not only for money, but because she believes in a job well done. She doesn't feel defeat often, and is a shining example of a person whom others turn to when they need inspiration or help.

She is open-minded about most things. There are some undebatables such as gravity and her preference for New York style pizza that will never be changed. Her capacity to learn, even the subjects she is expert at, enable her to grow and evolve with the times and surroundings.

She is courageous, almost superhero-like, in the way she approaches a new challenge. Undaunted by the possibility of failure, she wades through the dangerous unknowns, armed only with her intelligence and no utility belt. Plus she will taste my cooking.

She MUST be compassionate. Thinking of others first is a natural. Her decisions are based on how they will affect not only her, but those in her life as well. She not only likes the idea of helping others, she DOES help others.

Her kindness is often mistaken by strangers as a weakness, but it doesn't take long to see that is highly inaccurate! She knows that treating others in a positive way is a happier way to live and goes out of her way to show it is true. Without medication....

She is tough when needed. She will not pretend to tell a friend she is OK if, in reality, the friend is a future train-wreck. She is tough on kids as well. The rules that are broken HAVE consequences and won't be ignored. She won't be steamrolled by arrogance or stupidity. She will face a person or a problem with a determination that can't be ignored.

She is finally, responsible. Whatever bad that enters her life, she takes the credit for inviting it in. She ALSO takes the credit for defeating the same bad scenario, and will always make a choice based on all possible endings.... good and not so much.

She sounds like the girl next door right? As far as the letter goes, what is there left to say? I am inspired to write about her, even though she is seemingly not around. Will I recognize her when she IS? I don't know, but I would hope to see all those qualities above right away and not want to let her get away!

Here I am!!!!

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