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Friday, June 23, 2017


Well.... it's Friday and we took off. Was there a really exciting or logical reason? No. The weather was a factor. Storms are called for. Yuk. We had a good week going and will not miss the couple of bucks we would earn today, soooooo... OFF we are!

Mom stayed busy doing the obsessive/compulsive thing and I got on the computer to do an update to my blog tracking (passed 35,000 visits this month) and to print off a bunch of the posts for my Aunt. She started to read the ones I had printed in the past, so I had to catch up the ones I haven't put on paper. I enjoy hearing what she has to say about what I had to say.

Although she is in a facility to better care for her medical challenges, I know life goes on for her and want to be a part of her entertainment. Of course it makes one think of the possibility of being in the same situation in the future, or at least remembering that this is what I am trying to avoid for Mom. Not that it is all bad. I think when my Aunt gets some of her health back, she will be a positive influence on many others there. That is just the kind of person she always has been. When Mom and I needed a friend in the family, she was always there. The kids that she and my Uncle raised have been some of the best people I have ever met. Good people that I am proud to be related to. I only wish they could say the same! hahaha

My mind has been swimming with so many different thoughts.

The Uber driving we do to save for the next vacation is a bit slow if we just stay around town, so we have expanded our area a bit. We still meet cool people and still can make enough to make it worthwhile, but I have to admit some of the fun has gone out of it. With Mom falling asleep at a moments notice in the car, I wonder just how much fun she is having. The whole point was for her to ENJOY the short trips.

I have renewed hopes for ending my single life. Not by jumping off a cliff or bathing with a toaster either! I believe if I make a real effort, I can change the "current situation" to one that is what me and a significant other will want. Time will tell, and maybe I will too... of course SHE will have a hand in deciding my fate as well. Wish me luck!

I have had good luck in finding the silver lining in just about everything (except that daggon squirrel in the garage!!!!!). When I just called the radio station for tickets to a show, I DIDN'T get a busy signal. I actually GOT THRU! I wasn't caller 6 but it was still a positive. I had to recently fix the truck right before a long trip. I felt VERY fortunate in being able to do it at home in my own garage and not sitting along a lonely stretch of highway. I passed a test that had me taking it 3 times to complete. At least I passed!

Life has been good enough to not to complain. Mom has had her moments but she gets over them pretty quickly. I have had children on my mind lately, as in MY OWN. While I don't have any at the moment, EVERYONE tells me it isn't too late (except a guy friend who thinks I am CRAZY for thinking that). I felt for a while that if it happens it will be fantastic, but if it doesn't life will STILL be fantastical, just in a different way. For some reason, I am re-reading my "children" topics [here] and specifically a post called "Babies" that recalled a particularly strong emotion and reaction to the thoughts I have now. Have I been trying to fool myself into thinking it wasn't something I wanted? I don't know but if I am in bliss with a special lady and she feels the same.... Hmmmmm....

I have been guilty of not posting here regularly. When I see the past years, I noticed many times I posted NOTHING in a month's time. I haven't missed any THIS year so I wanted to keep the streak alive. The pile of topics I have is deep but the enthusiasm to actually sit down and WRITE is a different story. I MUST try harder since I get so much out of it.

Anything else?

Nope. The real possibility of NOT driving to Cali is setting in. The dislike I have for political crap online is growing. The fact I made a Dr appt for myself is not only unusual but questionable.... but I'll leave that for another post.

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