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Saturday, July 19, 2014



That's all I can say when I think about the number of folks who have visited this site in the last 5 years, 3 months and an odd number of days. It REALLY sinks in when I notice that it took almost 4 years to get to 6000, then only a year and a half to get the NEXT 6000. How did THAT happen????

Let's investigate....

When I look back at old postings, it makes me smile a bit. Here I was, an untrained, unpolished, polar-opposite of a linguistic specialist, scribbling some words down and people actually seemed to enjoy reading them.

I picked a variety of topics from my personal heartbreak to the funeral of my biological father. I posted my resignation letters and wrote some poetry. I reflected on life and gave advice that was simple, logical, and NOT approved by the APA (American Psychological Association) or Dr Ruth. I wrote about Mom and bad managers, Taylor Swift, Elvis and the things that made me happy. I posted a wedding gift, spread the word about the amazing Nathaniel Newman (most popular posting here), and introduced a motivational speech for teenagers.

OK... maybe NOT so motivational.

I had a bunch of periods of time when I couldn't write a word. they would last two months, three months, four months, more than once. The itch to write comes and goes and it must be really irritating if you look forward to the next posting and it doesn't show up.


I like to think I have gotten more entertaining since I've started this. After all, that IS the whole point of all of the semi-complete sentences. That plus I want to make folks think about how they feel, how they act, and how they treat others. I use more words than in the past, and have created many more new ones when there wasn't an appropriatish old one that I knew. I am in the most prolific writing period ever, right now. I am not able to answer "why", but I know the nine month break must have been good for me, as many different things have crossed my mind and I have been able to post about it.

I've gotten some special feedback, not only from friends but strangers too. They don't always show up on here, but it's nice to hear a kind word or that reading something improved a person's perspective or attitude. I've been told I inspired a few folks and I've been totally rebuffed by some people I hoped I could make laugh. Oh well... you can't please EVERYONE, right?

Since number 6000, I posted "Greatness". I was inspired by the upcoming Holiday, celebrating Martin Luther King, and I talked about my opinion that we ALL have an area of greatness, despite the fact we may not see it at first glance. We may not be able to dunk a basketball, score a touchdown, hit a home run, or even win at checkers. We may not see what we are great at but it's there and should be found and appreciated.

I wrote about my confusion on the Tiger Woods' fandom. I still don't get it. Every time I see an interview or watch a press conference, I wonder why anyone thinks he is interesting. Yes, he's had a heck of a career, but that has little to do with Eldrick, the person. I would like to know more about HIM... In the meantime, I'm still not cheering.

I posted the Sex Talk and waited for comments and none came. Maybe that's normal for them....
I wrote about Cheating and I think it's funny that it's the third most viewed posting I have. I bet there are some frustrated readers as they realize it's about cars.... and just today I REALLY wrote about Cheating, but the title won't give it away.

I mentioned Tears more than once, because I agree with Jim Valvano in his opinion that part of every day should be spent crying tears of joy or sorrow. Emotions make life worth sticking around for.

I tried to capture the loss of a loved one a few times, not sure how successful I was. I sent a birthday wish to Robert Redford (still waiting for an invite to lunch!), I reflected on turning 600 months recently, Hell, and a few other hopefully funner topics.

There seems to be much more to come, so I hope you stay tuned.

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